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What Is Ballet Not Speaking About?, 18+
Play by Yury Smekalove, Alexander Tzypkin

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Crime and Punishment

Adaptation of Fyodor Dostoevsky's novel by Konstantin Bogomolov, 18+

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A Man from Podolsk

Comedy, 16+
Play by Dmitry Danilov

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Ballet performance, 16+

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Musical, 12+
Music and Lyrics by Paul Gordon, book by John Caird, based on the novel Jean Webster

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Drama, 18+
Michel Houellebecq

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Drama, 16+
Anton Chekhov

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A dream in three acts, 18+
Semyon Sakseev & Co. based on the novel by F. Dostoevsky

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By E. T. A. Hoffmann, 12+

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Drama, 16+
John Boynton Priestley

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romantic comedy, 16+
Pierre de Marivaux

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Drama, 16+
Aleksandr Ostrovsky

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A cappella musical, 18+
Evgeny Zagot, Konstantin Rubinsky

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Drama, 16+
Based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy 

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Musical-dramatic story, 12+
People's Artist of the Russian Federation Oleg Pogudin 

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Based on the play by Lope de Vega
Tragicomedy, 16+

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Saint Petersburg “Priut komedianta” theatre was founded in 1987 by an actor of the Bolshoi Drama Theatre — Yuri Tomoshevskyi. It was that theatre where Yuri Tomoshevskyi’s dream came true when he created one-man theatre. Shortly after the theatre presented not only solo performances but also big drama productions involving famous Saint Petersburg actors, and “Priut komedianta” became one of the most favourite theatres among the citizens. In 1995 Viktor Minkov was appointed artistic director.

In 1997 the “Priut komedianta” theatre gained its own building in the centre of Saint Petersburg at Sadovaya, 27. In 2000 “Priut komedianta” became the first Russian state repertoire theatre without permanent stage company. A guest stage director forms a team of production managers and actors. Over the years performances were presented at the theatre and staged by outstanding directors such as Andrey Moguchy, Konstantin Bogomolov, Veniamin Filshtinsky, Mikhail Bychkov, Grigori Dityaykovsky, Maxim Didenko and so on. The "Priut komedianta’ theatre actively cooperates with young directors. Most recent “Priut komedianta” theatre’s performances determine “new Russian art direction” staged by Dmitry Volkostrelov, Semen Serzin, Marfa Gorvitz and others.

The most in-demand film and theatre actors, who are generally People’s and Merited Artists of Russia went on the theatre’s stage, among them are Ivan Krasko, Aleksandr Demyanenko, Tatyana Piletskaya, Zinaida Sharko, Galina Mochalova, Sergey Losev. Today’s theatre posters include popular names that are well known to audience from movies and TV shows. The theatre performances involve Dmitry Lysenkov, Merited Artists of Russia Daria Moroz, Alexander Novikov, Sergey Migitsko, Rosa Khayrullina, Marina Solopchenko, People’s Artists of Russia Valeriy Degtyar, Marina Ignatova, Olga Antonova and many others.

The repertoire includes a couple of dozens theatre productions from Russian and foreign classics to contemporary drama. The “Priut komedianta” theatre is known in Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland, France, Georgia, Serbia, Israel and Italy. Every year the theatre holds “St Petersburg theatre season” festival in European capitals. “Priut komedianta” actively supports performance arts development and as a result the theatre became a founder member of Russia’s first and only youth theatrical award “Proryv” (“Breakthrough”).

The “Priut komedianta” theatre repeatedly became the nominee and prizewinner of the Golden Mask National Theatre Award and St. Petersburg Higher Theatre Award “Golden Soffit”.

On 16th May, 2016 “Priut komedianta” opened its doors after a major renovation of scenic and production complexes, that lasted 11 months. The updated contemporary interiors, stage, auditorium, stage equipment turned the theatre into a trendy place located in the centre of cultural capital of Russia, where audience can find not only performances but other events interesting for citizens and tourists.

The “Priut komedianta” theatre is distinguished by careful choosing of the repertoire. Viktor Minkov thinks it is important not to disappoint sensitive and intelligent Saint Petersburg theatre-goers, and as a result the best pieces of Russian and foreign classics and the brightest contemporary drama plays are always included in the repertoire. Director’s and actor’s recognized skills turn every performance into a holiday.


Viktor Minkov

Director and Artistic Director of Saint Petersburg State Drama Theatre “Priut komedianta”
Board member of Theatre Directors Guild of Russia
Member of Saint Petersburg City Arts Council
Member of Board of Directors at St. Petersburg Committee for Culture of Saint Petersburg City Administration

Born in Leningrad on 3 March, 1971. Graduated from Saint Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts with a degree in drama theatre director in 1992.

At the age of 24 years, in 1995 Viktor Minkov headed “Priut komedianta” theatre founded by an actor of the Bolshoi Drama Theatre — Yuri Tomoshevskyi. And in two years, in 1997 Viktor Minkov with support of leading Saint Petersburg culture figures managed to gain a separated own theatre building.

In 2000 Viktor Minkov became a director and an artistic director of the “Priut komedianta” theatre. And in the same year he suggested a new in Russia business case to work as a repertoire theatre but without permanent stage company. An each theatre performance is produced by a guest creative group: from a stage director and a production designer to leading actors. There are obvious advantages of the system: directors are not confined to a certain troupe, they can choose artists from Moscow and Saint Petersburg, who are perfect matches for their performances. Andrey Moguchy, Veniamin Filshtinsky, Konstantin Bogomolov, Grigori Dityaykovsky, Maxim Didenko, Dmitry Volkostrelov were invited by Viktor Mintov to stage at the “Priut komedianta” theatre.

Minkov is an organizer of “Priut komedianta” theatre tours in Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, France, Israel, Italy, Georgia and so on.

Under Viktor Minkov’s management, the “Priut komedianta” theatre repeatedly became the nominee and prizewinner of the Golden Mask National Theatre Award and St. Petersburg Higher Theatre Award “Golden Soffit”.

In summer 2015 the “Priut komedianta” theatre underwent a large-scale renovation. The theatre remodelled starting from the foye and ending with technical equipment.

  • “The Gin Game” by D. L. Coburn (1996), starring Natalya Nesterova, Igor Tikhonenko
  • “She takes on” by D. Marrell (1997), starring People’s Artist of the RSFSR Zinaida Sharko, Igor Volkov, Vladimir Mitrofanov, Dmitry Isaev
  • “I Only Want You to Love Me” by R. W. Fassbinder, starring Maria Semenova, Anton Sychev, Merited Artist of Russia Natalia Borovkova and others
  • “Charley’s Aunt from Brazil” by T. Brandon (2004), starring Merited Artists of Russia Natalia Borovkova, Nilolay Denisov, Evgeny Filatov and others
  • “Sweet lie” (2008), starring Maria Semushina, Denis Varfolomeev, Anton Guliaev, Anton Moshechkov and others

In 2001 Viktor Minkov founded a producing company “NEVA-ART”, where he became an artistic director. The company’s mission is to organize and hold cultural projects in Russia and abroad.

In 2007 Minkov found an International cultural festival-forum “St. Petersburg theatre seasons”. The main idea is to present the best Saint Petersburg theatre performances in European capitals. And several years later foreign spectators named the festival as “a trademark of theatre Saint Petersburg”, meanwhile, Russian journalists call it “a window to Europe”. “St. Petersburg theatre seasons” festival has already been held in Marseille, Milan, Dresden, Prague, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Minsk, Helsinki and others.

And furthermore, Viktor Minkov founded a festival “Children’s Petersburg in European capitals”, “Musical Petersburg in European capitals” and “Flowers of Russia” festival supported by Ministry of Culture of Russia.


St. Petersburg Theatre Award for Youth “PRORYV” (“BREAKTHROUGH”) is a joint initiative of St. Petersburg Committee for Culture of Saint Petersburg, Viktor Minkov, theatre critics Zhanna Zaretskaya and Andrey Pronin founded in 2008.

The “Proryv” award is a still the only Russia’s professional award aiming to recognize achievements by young theatre workers (aged under 35 years). Every spring experts and jury give “Nika” award to the best directors, actors, artists and theatre managers for the first time ever.


Viktor Minkov has been continually awarded with letters of award by Ministry of Culture of Russia, letters of award and gratitude by the Governor of Saint Petersburg, Chairmen of Saint Petersburg City Administration, letters of gratitude by the Ambassadors extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Russian Federation in Republic of Austria, Czech Republic, Swiss Confederation and etc.