Версия для слабовидящих

The Nutcracker

By E. T. A. Hoffmann, 12+

Director — Vitaly Lyubsky
Scenography — Alexander Yakunin
Costume designer — Irina Arlacheva
Lighting designer — Konstantin Binkin
Composer, music director — Anatoly Gonye
Plastic director — Pavel Mansurov
Video — Alexander Razumnov, Maxim Baskakov

Are you sure you know the real story of the Nutcracker? The one that was written by the great mystic and philosopher Hoffman and which Tchaikovsky with his brilliant, but far from the original source, ballet and world pop culture did not have time to influence? In which the refined world of people is not as cute as it seems at first glance, and the fairy-tale world of mice is very similar to real states.

In the fairy tale of the German classic, as in the best films of Christopher Nolan, dreams happen right in a dream, and plots twist inside other plots. But the main character of the play — the hero-wanderer, storyteller and narrator Drosselmeyer — keeps in his small suitcase not only intricate stories full of riddles and magic, but also a cure for evil, which increases the immunity of listeners and viewers to the adversities of a completely fabulous, real life. Together with the brave young Marie, we will go to the world of the Mouse King to break the evil spell, and most importantly, to believe anew that good will surely prevail.

Get ready, we will tell the very story of the “Nutcracker”, which was hidden from the audience for a century and a half behind the tinsel of cozy Christmas fairy tales and the glitter of Christmas toys. Director Vitaly Lyubsky is responsible for the production — the author of one of the most popular, romantic and heartfelt performances of the theater “Priut komedianta” “Warsaw Melody”.


10 December 2022


1 hour 40 minutes, without intermission.

Cast of characters:

Drosselmeyer — Dmitry Lugovkin, Ilya Staroselsky
Nutcracker, Drosselmeyer Jr., Mouse — Ruslan Meshchanov, Dmitry Sizov
Marie, Princess Pirlipat — Anna Melnikova
Mother, Queen, Mouse — Sonya Gorelik, Yulia Molchanova
Father, the King, the Mouse King — Denis Kirillov
Fritz, The Man, The Executioner, Mouse — Alexey Sedov, Ilya Yakubovsky